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New Photo Campaing Seeks to Start Discussion


New York, NY – “Who Are You When No One Is Looking?” an online campaign launched November 2012 begins public exposure for the feature film King, to be filmed and released by A New Take Studios in 2016.

“WAYWNOL” is a photo campaign that shows otherwise normal people’s sides they try to keep from public view. Such sides include activities like secret relationships, games with toys, wearing the opposite gender’s undergarments and fetishism. The photos were shot by professional photographer and King director of photography Will Vaultz.
King writer/director Marcus Henderson wants to start the conversation about our personalities we keep behind closed doors.
“’Who Are You’ brings a visuality to a conversation we as a culture should be having every day,” Henderson said. “We’re just one voice that joins the chorus.”
King is an independently-financed urban crime thriller feature film about a bi-curious ex-convict who returns to his neighborhood to seek revenge on the man who put him in prison.

King is scheduled to go before the cameras in Spring 2016 for a Fall/Winter 2016 festival release around the world. King is an A New Take Studios production produced by Ken Cohen, Brandy Cochrane and Marcus Henderson.
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