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"Sometimes, actions don't speak louder than words"

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A Brooklyn thug struggles with expressing himself to the people he cares about.

To expose your feelings is to expose your true self.

Shotgun is a short film about a stressed out Brooklyn street thug who struggles to cope with the emotional demands in his relationship with his girlfriend. He tries to escape by smoking weed with a buddy and things get far more complicated than he expected. He no longer trusts his own feelings and fears what he might find when he is forced to deal with them.

We begin the main character’s journey toward self-examination in the aftermath of an intense argument with his girlfriend from the previous night. The next morning the heat is on, literally, due to a current heat wave. He is desperate to keep cool when he goes to see his dealer/friend and things get even hotter as he experiences a new feeling. The inner conflict becomes even more difficult to ignore when he returns home to his girlfriend. He is finally confronted with making decisions about the people in his life.

Shotgun is a contemporary, character-driven drama 11 minutes in length.  Written and directed by Marcus Henderson, it was shot on location in Brooklyn, New York in September 2011.

Shotgun aims to raise awareness about the issues surrounding how young Black men explore their feelings and the impact it has on how they come to define themselves and their relationships. The importance of these issues affects society as a whole as domestic violence, hate crimes and bullying is on the rise.

More diversity in masculinity and men issues are necessary, as the needs of society have changed over the years. Broader definitions are a key to healthier attitudes and the advancement of society as a whole.

A New Take Studios Mission Statement

A New Take Studios specializes in modern urban dramas emphasizing the individual transformation and urban social trends.

Marcus Henderson is a Film Director from Rochester, New York and has been praised for being fearless and taking on projects with topics not traditionally explored. He is a post-graduate student studying directing and film production at Long Island University in Brooklyn, New York. Currently he has written and will direct a feature film being developed for production in 2013.
Michael Paul is a writer, journalist and indie filmmaker. He's graduated with an MA in screenwriting and film production and has covered business, health-care and the arts for newspapers along the East Coast. He’s finishing post-production on a short film.

Director of Photography
Will Vaultz is a native New Yorker that has been working in Film/TV for more than 20 years and honed his skills as a cinematographer by shooting short films and music videos. He also has the proud distinction of earning two Emmy Awards while working as a sound person during this span of time. Mr. Vaultz produced and shot a feature film that will premiere at this year’s Toronto Film Festival.

Produced by A New Take Studios


JERMAINE          Tavarius Graves
EBONY                Joresa Blount
DERRICK            Christian Barber

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