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Ballroom Icon Father Freddie of the Royal House of LaBeija unites with its newest and youngest members to revitalize the house’s 50-year history, resolve its divisive internal politics - and fiercely walk LaBeija back to the top of ballroom.

"LaBeija is a docu-series about the New York City ballroom scene, focused around the first and legendary House of LaBeija.  The show will revolve around the rise and fall of the house and the now resurgence under new Father: Freddie LaBeija.  The show follows members of the house to rehearsals, meetings, and balls; drama ensues.  

Under Father Freddie’s guidance, we will see how he molds the new Millennial generation of LaBeija's to uphold the family name and return the house to its former glory.  Can Father Freddie bring the house fiercely back to ballroom or will it fall?

Season I Overview

Season One of House of LaBeija will be a ten episode season, featuring the current members of the house as they prepare and execute their skills and talent at balls up and down the East Coast.

The show will be serialized, leading up to a dramatic cliffhanger conclusion that will create intrigue and excitement for the following season.

Story threads include: leadership changes; drama; ball preparation and walks; Drama; house members working for the betterment of the house as a family; … DRAMA!!!

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